What is Home Staging?

Can it really help YOU sell your house?
Home Staging in the Denver region
Simply stated - Home Staging is a proven way to present a house to the real estate market that assures that any buyer looking at the house will have the most favorable impression.  

Why Does Home Staging Work?
Staging is about depersonalizing a space or house, and about making it broadly appealing so that every buyer that walks through the door can envision themselves living there. It is about highlighting the features of the house and minimizing potential distractions.

Home Staging is the process of using your timeframe and budget to prepare a house for sale so that sells in the fastest time and at the best price.

Do you want to create a Sensation with Buyers?  
Home Staging helps present a house so it has that "WOW" Factor that makes Buyers STOP and take notice! You want YOUR house to be the one that Buyers want. . .  

"Home Staging is the KEY that unlocks the emotions of a Buyer and 
makes them want to turn your house in to their home!"

Home Staging is a KEY MARKETING Tool:
Home Staging is a proven way to help a house stand out from the crowd. When the house is marketed against the competition - other "products" that are hoping to sell, yours will look better, feel better and show better than the un-Staged competition.  

An estimated 90% of Buyers now look online FIRST to preview houses.
  • Your house will look better in person
  • Your house will look better online
  • Your house will look better in print - flyers and ads

Home Staging is an INVESTMENT that Makes Financial Sense:
The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that the average price reduction is now between 10-20% over the lifetime of the listing.

When a house is Staged it will sell faster, therefore it is less likely to have to drop in price in a declining market, and this means a seller will keep more equity. The statistical information below supports Home Staging and the investment it takes to get your house ready to show!
Remember: You are Selling a House, not a Home

In Marketing Terms - Home Staging is all about "Product Packaging," and selling the largest commodity out there for most people - their house. When you are moving, you are taking your memories and things with you to your New Home. You are selling a House - that is a product that must appeal to all Buyers. That is Why home Staging is needed.   

When a Buyer walks into a "HOME" that has too many distractions, too many personal things, and is too full of items, they feel as if they are invading someone else's space, or that there is not enough room for their things.
"Home Staging is the ONLY service done in preparation of the house that brings MEASURABLE value!" 

- Jennie Norris, ASPM®

Sensational Home Staging Specializes in the following:
  • Staging to SELL
  • Green or Eco-Friendly Home Staging
  • Staging for Builders
  • Staging for Remodeling
  • Staging to LIVE
  • Investor Home Staging
  • REO Home Staging
  • Staging for Seniors
  • e-Staging
  • Event Staging
  • New Homeowner Move in
How Does It Work & How Much Does It Cost?

Detailed Staging Plan / Hands-On Staging / Inventory Retail
Detailed Staging Plan - Priced by Square footage and time.

Based on the size of your house and time. My Preferred Realtor Partner clients get a special rate. To find out more about Preferred Realtor Partners please call me.

If you want to Stage your own house - and just need to know what to do - I will prepare a Detailed Staging Plan.

The plan is room-by-room and provides a detailed Staging Plan for the exterior curb appeal and yard of your house, as well as each room on the inside. As needed, I can provide the finishing touches and WOW Factor with basic inventory to really help your house have that pizzazz that is needed in photos and in person!

Hands-On Staging - Priced by the project and begins with a Complimentary Preview

When you don't have time to get your own house Staged or need some help, we would provide Hands-on Staging to help get your house ready for Show! We do this for both occupied and vacant houses. We can do as little or as much as you would like!

For occupied houses, we rearrange, remove and reduce the furnishings and decor in your house so that it appeals to the most Buyers and shows the house the best. As needed we could even help pack your things.

Typically our clients do some basic prep work (packing up personal items) and we do the rest! 

Typical timeframe is one day to transform your house for Buyers.

Inventory Rental - Priced by the project and begins with a Complimentary Preview

When a house is vacant or partially vacant, we provide the furnishings and decor to help the house show better and feel more like a home. A vacant house feels empty and cold and does not show well in photos or virtual tours.  

We can usually get the house Staged in a few hours from start to finish, and maximize our time and minimize your budget for this process.

If your house just needs a few things to help it show better, we will bring in WOW Factor Inventory - to add color, appeal and to freshen up the look of a house.
We accept most major credit cards which is a form of Staging financing. 
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