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LUXURY is all about layers and creating a more curated look for the property to target the higher-end buyer.  To obtain this type of Staging, your budget needs to be in line with expectations.  Luxury Staging is usually 3-4X the price of Staging for an average priced property.  This is not the type of Staging to haggle on price nor have a champagne taste on a beer budget.  Luxury Properties can take longer to sell because of their over million dollar price, so plan for up to 60-90 days minimum of Staging use - and allot enough of a budget to allow us to do what is needed to present the house properly.  If you want items such as game tables, pianos, exercise equipment, or other non-standard Staging items, those can be sourced for a fee.  We are also able to source items wholesale for a specific project to accommodate a client request.


CONTEMPORARY is "today's style" and Sensational Home Staging company-owned furnishings are in line with today's style from color to style of our purchased furniture.  Contemporary does not mean "modern" - that is another design style and our clients often confuse the terms.  Some of our pieces have a modern look with flared legs and angles, chrome and wood, but expect with a Contemporary Staging you will receive clean-lined furniture, not overly bulky, and base neutral colors that we accent with color pulled from our curated art collection selected specifically for Staging.