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LUXURY is all about layers and creating a more curated look for the property to target the higher-end buyer.  To obtain this type of Staging, your budget needs to be in line with expectations.  Luxury Staging is usually 3-4X the price of Staging for an average priced property.  This is not the type of Staging to haggle on price nor have a champagne taste on a beer budget.  Luxury Properties can take longer to sell because of their over million dollar price, so plan for up to 60-90 days minimum of Staging use - and allot enough of a budget to allow us to do what is needed to present the house properly.  If you want items such as game tables, pianos, exercise equipment, or other non-standard Staging items, those can be sourced for a fee.  We are also able to source items wholesale for a specific project to accommodate a client request.


CONTEMPORARY is "today's style" and Sensational Home Staging company-owned furnishings are in line with today's style from color to style of our purchased furniture.  Contemporary does not mean "modern" - that is another design style and our clients often confuse the terms.  Some of our pieces have a modern look with flared legs and angles, chrome and wood, but expect with a Contemporary Staging you will receive clean-lined furniture, not overly bulky, and base neutral colors that we accent with color pulled from our curated art collection selected specifically for Staging.


CONDOS are often challenging to stage due to logistics. If there are elevator restrictions, parking limitations, and building access limits, it takes us 2-3 times as long to Stage a condo.  Condos can be modest to upscale, and we have appropriate furnishings for all types of condos from new construction to older, more traditional style.  We have staged $1M+ condos and those more modestly priced.  Our smallest square footage stage has been a 396 sq foot studio where we staged a living area, queen size bed, desk, kitchen and bath.  No matter the challenge, our team is up for it and does our best to bring out the best in the property.


MID MOD style refers to the dominant furnishings of the mid-20th century—simple, functional wooden pieces made from teak and curved designs reigned supreme.  At its most basic level, mid-century modern designs are known for juxtaposing sleek lines (think: skinny, peg legs on dressers and tables) with organic shapes, using new materials and methods to reimagine traditional pieces. Mid-century design is a sleek minimalist style that focuses more on practicality while the art and decor has a more elaborate style with extravagant and intricate details.  In today's properties, we use furniture inspired from the mid-mod movement, and blend with contemporary furnishings, farmhouse or boho to create a fresh look for an older style.