"A referral from my client is the greatest compliment I can receive. I appreciate your business!" - Jennie Norris
This is just a sampling of what our many clients have shared about our work . . . 
over 4,000 home Stagings and $2 Billion in real estate since 2002!
Todd K., Seller

"Jennie, Thank you for helping sell our home! It was nice to see how staging can bring out the house. I appreciate what you did."

A. Sanchez, Realtor

"Great Job! My clients really liked you. Also, I liked the way you handled the whole staging process. I would like to budget each staging around your price because I offer it as part of the listing package"

M. Kyer, Client

"Thanks, so much, for bringing your team to Stage® my house today. Thrilled, I am, and very impressed with the work that you do."

A. Mendoza - Seller

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my home. We love the new look, we feel like we are living in a model, we might stay!” 

C. Johnson

“Just thought you would like to put a feather in your cap that we had 2 offers over asking the day our house was put on the market right after you Staged it. Thank you so much for the great job you did to help make our house look so fantastic."

G. Allen, Seller

“With the aid of your talents, we sold our home after only 6 days on the market. The open house produced many “oohs” and “aahs”. You made our house look like a model! Thank you so much” 
L. McCue - Realtor

"It’s finally under contract! Closing is scheduled for this month. You can remove your staging any time that you want. Thanks for doing such a fabulous staging job!"

C. Cross - Realtor

“The neighbors were skeptical about the house selling at the list price . . . We got 8 offers in days and sold it for $60,000 over list price! I will definitely use your services again!" 


"What an amazing transformation! Our house sold in less than a week because of your services!"

K. Verma - Seller

“Thank you so much for the awesome job you did staging our home. Your touch got us top dollar! “

R. Siino, Realtor

I keep getting asked why my listings are selling so fast with multiple offers and for top dollar when the market is beginning slow and I swear that it is because of the work that you are doing and the 360 tours! I will always use you!"

D.B., Seller

"Before when buyers would come, they'd turn around and leave. After your Staging work, the buyers stayed and lingered and enjoyed my house. And it SOLD! Thank you for your great work!"
G. Cerny - Seller

"Thank you for getting our house Staged so nicely. After being on the market for a year in Golden, we wanted to sell quickly once we re-listed. Your Staging did the trick - getting an offer in 10 days - and we appreciated you working with our budget too."

(side note: I was one of 5 Stagers interviewed for this project. The others were either priced higher, had inflexible terms, or did not click with the client. They selected me - and the house was in contract in 10 days post-Staging!)

S. Anderson, Client

"I never would have imagined that my home could look so different and spacious by moving everything around. The furniture had been in the same place for 20 years and now it feels like everything is new again. I'm sure the home will sell quickly and for top dollar!!! I'll keep you posted."

J. Norris, Realtor

"The house sold in 4 days with multiple offers. My seller wrote that the house down the road with the same floor-plan just dropped their price again and are now $35,000 lower than his house! Staging makes the difference for me and my sellers!"

M. & K. Mehta, Client

"An exceptional service, but most of all a very creative, honest person. You completely transformed our already beautiful home to an elegant model home, that buyers could visualize as their home. You brought a lot of 'WOWS' from other realtors! ... It was definitely money well spent."

Jennie is the only 2-time recipient of the Barb Schwarz Staging Award of Excellence!
Commitments to You:
  • I will honor you in my interactions as my client.
  • I will give you honest and truthful recommendations based on what I know will help sell your house.
  • I will work with you as needed to accomplish the Staging recommendations.
  • I will share our discounts and resources with you to help you save money.
  • I will provide creative solutions for you based on your timeframe and budget to implement recommendations.
  • I will provide fair and accurate pricing for your Staging needs.
  • I am insured as a business owner to protect you, my client.
My Commitments to Staging:
  • I believe that the best process is to Stage® first then List, Show and Sell a house.
  • I am committed to staying on top of Staging trends for our market.
  • I believe a Staged house sells over the un-Staged competition in any market.
  • I know that Staging is a key marketing tool and market differentiator for a Realtor.
  • I know that Staging is a key market differentiator and value added service for the property.

My Commitments to Business:
  • I am committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for our clients.
  • I believe in providing add-on services to help you sell your house or market your listing.
  • I will conduct our Staging in an efficient manner to help you save money on Staging time.
  • I will partner with professionals as needed to complete the Staging work.
  • I keep my business license current to protect you as my client.
  • I will work with honor and integrity in my business transactions.

My Commitment to Myself:
  • I will stay in Staging as long as the joy and passion of what i do remains.
  • I am committed to furthering the excellence of Staging with my work and relationships.
  • I am committed to gaining additional education as an ASP® and industry leader.
  • I am committed to the IAHSP® Association as the only professional association serving just Home Stagers.
  • I am committed to protecting that which makes me special and unique.
A message to you - our prospective or current client:

Staging is an extension of who I am - not just a means to an end. When I started Staging I was searching for a way to provide for my family, doing something I love. Staging was truly a blessing that saved me from going back to the grind of a job I did well, but did not enjoy.

Staging is the same for each person I work with on my team. We all entered this business after working in other professions, successful but unfulfilled. We have gone from a "job" to a "passion" and have found a way to fill the creative void inside us - through the art and business of Staging. Because we enjoy and love what we do - we are dedicated to remaining in this field and providing creative and quality Staging solutions for homeowners, Realtors, Builders, and Investors.

This is a lifelong journey - and a wonderful adventure that we hope to share with you.

Happy Staging & Selling!
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