Staging for Investors

We work with many real estate investors throughout the Denver region.
Home Staging in the Denver region
We have Staged for many Investors throughout the Denver region 

Our goal is to help Buyers appreciate the finished product and envision themselves living in the home. We understand budget is key and it is all about the ARV. Working with our team, we can provide pricing that you can use as your estimate a new project and will come in on budget and on time for you. 

Material Selections Help.

We can advise you on the selections for flooring, fixtures, paint colors, lighting, and counters that your target buyer expects to see in a house. We can also pass along any of our regional discounts. This is a fee-based service.
Staging For Builders

New Construction / Remodeling 
New Construction homes need to be Staged for Buyers. 
We have Staged for large production builders that want to help Buyers sell their existing houses so they can purchase the new home.  

We have also Staged inventory houses for Builders - the empty houses that do not show well, and help prospective Buyers in the new home community make a connection that property.

We conduct Seller's Seminars at New Home Communities - sharing our expertise and ideas with the audience to help them understand how to Sell their existing house so they can buy the newly built home.

If you are REMODELING or UPGRADING your house
We can advise you on the colors and fixtures today's buyer expects to see in a house. We can also pass along any of our regional discounts. This is a fee-based service.

Buyer Staging Assistance
We can help Buyers Sell their houses so they can BUY a new house! Staging can help. Don't let your buyers get stuck with two mortgages or have to cancel a purchase because your old house has not sold.  

Inventory Home Staging
If you have inventory homes in a community that need to look better to buyers, we can help! We can even use your things if you model home inventory - and set it up in the inventory house or houses. We can supplement with our things, or use just what you have - we are flexible.

Educational Seminars
We have provided quality seminars for Buyers of new construction homes that need to SELL their existing homes in order to qualify for a purchase. These seminar frequently occur in vacant inventory homes that Builders would like to feature. This has proven to be an effective way to share the importance of Staging with Sellers, feature a home for sale and help these Sellers understand how Staging is different than a decorated model home, and helps the Builder increase buyer activity.
This vacant newly constructed inventory home was empty and unappealing. By adding some nice furnishings and Staging decor we helped to create buyer appeal and this house sold. Unlike model homes where paint and wall paper to create theme rooms is done, Staging is more broadly appealing, and much less expensive. The focus remains on the floor plan and not "things" in the house.
Staging To Live

Staging to Live is a way for you to get a Sensational new feel to your home - 
using what you have, or adding a few new things.
Home Staging in the Denver region
It is not about totally redecorating or designing your house.  

Staging to Live is a cost-effective way to refresh the interior of your home - and we will work with what you have!

Maybe you have "stuff" and you just don't know what to do with it. Or maybe you are tired of your stuff and want a fresh outlook. Either way, we can help you!

  • We can provide a written report that YOU can implement 
  • We can provide hands-on Staging
  • You can do one room or your whole house
  • If you need to buy anything, we give you our discounts
Staging to Live Project
For this client, we used what she had and rearranged her rooms to create grouping that made better use of her space. For this client, we bought one set of bedding, helped her resource a couple of area rugs, and sold her 2 trees. The rest of the things were hers - she just needed a fresh set of eyes to help arrange them in a new way.

Creative Idea
We recommended that she paint the area above the large wood mantel - this helped break up the amount of hard wood in the Living Room - and updated her house. It was quick and easy - sheetrocking over the wood and painting.

Creative Idea
Just by incorporating more updated colors, we were able to give her house a more "in style" look. Her blue bathroom tile counters when paired with chocolate brown accessories have a fresh new look.
Green Home Staging

Sensational Home Staging offers GREEN Home Staging for Eco-Friendly 
and Environmentally Conscious individuals, companies, and builders.
Green Home Staging consists of using materials that are natural (versus synthetic) and real versus faux. As an example, cotton and natural fibers in bedding, towels, pillows and area rugs were used to showcase the model home shown below. Real plants, trees and fruit were used in place of the more traditional faux Staging props found in most home staging projects. The Staging is a fraction of the cost of normal model home Staging, and a great investment for a Seller or Builder looking to add the WOW Factor for a vacant house for sale.
Make sure to work with a Trained Accredited Staging Professional or ASP® or Master ASP®. We honor our Designation as the first nationally recognized certification program and continuing education resource for Home Stagers. SENSATIONAL HOME STAGING members are proud members of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP®) & our Local IAHSP® Chapters. 
Senior Home Staging

Sensational Home Staging specializes in working with Mature Adults.
Staging Consultation 
A detailed report is prepared room by room, inside and outside, letting you know exactly what to do to prepare your house for sale. The recommendations will include reducing, rearranging, packing, painting and updating. We prepare this on site and leave you a packet with the report and added information.

Hands-on Staging Services 
Our team can Stage® your house using your things or help you finish off the Staging recommendations provided in the Staging Consultation. This could include packing, moving furniture, and rearranging items in your house. This typically takes a few hours to a day to complete.

Inventory Rental
As needed we have décor and accessories that are used to help add “wow” factor and update a house to create buyer appeal in photos and in person. 

You have lived in your home for many years. Now you are selling and your home becomes a “house” or product that is competing with other products on the market. We want you to get the very BEST price for your house.

We are preparing your house for the unknown buyer and for today’s market so the house must be universally appealing, updated and made to feel spacious.

Be willing to make some changes so the house shows its very best to potential buyers. Keep telling yourself the GOAL is to get the BEST price in the shortest time. 
Staging recommendations MAY include:
  • Removal of Wallpaper
  • Painting
  • Updating Flooring & Fixtures
  • Packing
  • Rearranging Furniture
  • Depersonalizing
If you are a Realtor that has clients that are Seniors, know that part of my business practices includes HONORING the client and their possessions. 
Whatever the client has - whether dated or a lot of things - I understand these are their precious things. Staging includes reducing the amount of things in a house, and yet the goal is to do it in such a way that the client is not upset during the process.
“The way you live in your home and the way we market and sell your house are two different things.”
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